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Generative AI

😁 A bit of fun to finish the week.

🖼 Here are 2 images that reflect the end of my week.

1️⃣ A walk with my dog Todd to decompress.

2️⃣ Two days of collaborative & fun webinars....finished.

But with a little twist.

🤖 I asked for a little help from an AI Image Generator.

💡 I love a bit of creativity, art and experimentation - and was curious to see what would happen. 

💥 I asked for a few different styles and hey presto. What do you think??

🙏 Thank you to the First Ascent Group and The Oakridge Centre for today's virtual Annual Associates Day - really engaging, useful updates and, as always, fun to engage with this community. David Sales Steve Bentley Kylie Seaman Helen Hill Penny Tate Katie Bavester Liz Wojciechowski Grace Parish Simone Robinson CertIoD

👏 Really enjoyed the conversations and updates - in particular the insights from Adam Robertson on "Preventing Failures" and the relationship to "Human Performance" and "Organisational Defences"..... As well has how we can all continue to collaborate and share to be at our most effective when working for the group.

Have a great weekend.

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