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Escaping Work PRessures

🤔 How do you escape the city buzz and pressures of work?

🌳 🌳 The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew provide the perfect sanctuary for anyone wanting to recharge and connect with nature. 

There is something for everyone. 

🌎 Heritage: Kew Gardens is an UNESCO World Heritage site with over 50,000 living plants and 14,000 trees across 300 acres.

🔬 Science & Research: Over 400 scientists work to protect biodiversity and discover sustainable solutions to some of our biggest global challenges.

🖼 Contemporary Art: Artist, Marc Quin, has 17 stunning stainless steel sculptures installed around the gardens as part of a “Light into Life” exhibition.

🐝 Wildlife & Nature: The “Hive” is a visually mesmerising tribute to Britain’s Honeybees made from 170,000 aluminium parts and symbolises the challenges bees face today.

🎥 Treetop Views: A Treetop Walkway towering 18 metres above the ground allows you to walk through the magical treetop canopy and enjoy some spectacular views across London.

🎭 Outdoor Theatre: Over the summer you can see 3 different productions -  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Wind in the Willows or The Dream Fairies.

🚂 Guided Tour: A “Land Train” provides a more relaxing way to explore the diverse collections around the gardens.

If you’ve not been I’d highly recommend it - I spent the day there with my family yesterday and loved it.

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