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Curious Leadership

In this month’s edition I share twelve thought-provoking leadership concepts and insights - I hope you find a few topics that resonate and are curious enough to read on.

Leadership – concepts to help you breakthrough.

1. Leadership – Managing Expectations and Pressure

2. Leadership – Developing decision making

3. Leadership – Attracting Talent

4. Leadership – Supporting Young Talent

5. Marketing vs Sales Led Organisations

6. Leadership Coaching – Why bother?

Creating Powerful Connections

7. Equine Facilitated Learning – The power of Horses

8. Connecting Outside – The power of Nature

9. Brain Science – Motivational Drivers - SCARF

10. Breakthrough Moments – captivating conversations

Sustainability – playing your part

11. Sustainability and Sport – considerations for your sustainability strategy

12. Sustainability and Conservation – doing your bit to help.

You can find the full article here in my LinkedIN newsletter:

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