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What techniques do you use to get "Creative"?

💯 Everyone has the potential to be creative. 💯 The good news is that creativity is something you can learn. 💯 Taking a different perspective often allows you to create new ideas. 💯 Here's just a few techniques that could spark that creativity within. ♻ "Reversal": Solving the reverse problem unblocks your thinking. 🌊 "Jump the River": Purposefully experience something new & different. 😃 "Yes and ......": Positively elaborate on your team's ideas. 🛑 "Break the Rules": Challenge your assumptions to stimulate new ideas. 🏃‍♀️ "Scamper": Explore new ways to improve & adapt a solution or idea. 🐭 "Disney Creative": Using the lens of the dreamer, the critic & the realist. 👉 Today I've spent time with an international sales team working through design thinking and exploring client solutions. This requires creativity, particularly if you want to stand out from the crowd and create real value with a client. 👉If you are looking for ideas to support your commercial teams be more creative please get in touch.

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