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🤔 How do you strengthen businesses and communities in a digital world?

This morning I attended a local event hosted by The Mayor of Dacorum, William Allen, and Community Action Dacorum.

💡 There were a wide range of local businesses and charities there to share ideas and explore how businesses can grow and support each other locally - I was keen to listen to the topics and views that are most pressing for local organisations.

🙏 A number of entrepreneurs, alternative thinkers and economic development specialists shared some perspectives on how businesses can engage and thrive, as well as highlighting some of the challenges that still need to be worked on. Thank you Adrian Hawkins OBE, James DoeLouise TowlerEd Mayo and Simon Aulton for sharing your expertise and answering the questions from the audience.

Points that stood out for me were:

🎯 The launch of the Mayor's Future Fund to help build thriving and sustainable communities in Dacorum by supporting the disadvantaged.

🎯 The recent published consultation for the Dacorum Local Plan (2024-40) focused on how Dacorum is going to grow and use land for housing, businesses & the environment.

🎯 Tips on using digital tools to communicate locally and measuring the carbon footprint of your website

🎯 How people are motivated and getting the balance right between needs of others and themselves.

🎯 Ideas around re-inventing the high street and creating economic conditions which foster growth.

🎯 The power of market forces - in particular Local businesses choosing to "Buy Local".

💯 Small businesses are the heartbeat of your neighbourhood, the spine of the local economy, and the spirit of your town - when you buy local you are investing in your community.

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