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AI Summit 2024

How do you keep up with disruption and use it to your advantage?


🤖 Today I’m at the AI Summit at Tobacco Dock in London. 

😯 Wow it was busy 😯 – a reflection of the transformative and disruptive effect AI is having across private and public organisations globally.

💡 Wow it was insightful 💡- seeing and hearing about the different AI use cases from optimising business processes, to evolving defence and national security, to synthetic creativity.

😀 Wow it was great to get involved 😀: 

🎞 recording a video in the Z HP immersive zone

🧠  developing yoda like concentration with Google Cloud

🤖  hearing public & private sector experts talk about using AI effectively

🎶 experiencing Fernando Garibay use his "Creativity as a Skill Framework"

🎛  seeing Daniel Bedingfield write & create a song live using the latest Tech

🤔 Who else was there and what was your take-away? 🤔 

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