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5am Club

🤔 What early morning routines do you have to help you to elevate your impact and performance?

📔 If you’ve read “The 5AM club” by Robin Sharma you’ll know it focuses on carving out time every morning to make yourself world-class. You create a “Golden Hour” in which you (1) Move, (2) Reflect, and (3) Grow.

💯 I was up at 5am today and by 6am delivering training to an international sales group from across Africa, Asia and Europe. I’ll be doing the same for the next 4 days.

😬 😰 The start of this particular programme didn’t quite go to plan:

- For 20 minutes no-one joined - I had a problem - I was expecting 20 delegates. 

- There was a mix up with the webinar address - Not due to me, but I had to find a solution.

- Eventually the delegates joined - Phew - and thankfully we had a really engaging session.

🎯 During the session I talked about Responsibility, Resilience and Rigour – all of which I needed to get the session going this morning.

💯 Tomorrow I’m confident everything will go to plan – I’m trusting the process!

💯 Whatever set-backs you have this week be resilient - you will bounce back.

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