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Virtual Selling & Influence

🤔 How do you engage with your prospects and create momentum through the customer's buying cycle?

🚀 You've found the right contacts - and - mastered how to show up virtually - now you need to focus on "how" and "when" to engage.

🚀 Creating relevant "touch points" and "cut through" with your messages and communication is critical to move forward.

Remember to be clear about:

🎯 Who your prospects are

🎯 What communication methods to use

🎯 When and how often to communicate

🎯 What content and messages to use

🎯 How you are going to build rapport and trust

🎯 How to track and measure the impact and adapt.

💯 Your mindset - determination and resilience - will play a big part in your success.

💯 And if all that doesn't work remember it just might not be the right time for your prospect, accept that, and move on to someone who is really to benefit from what you offer.

👏 Good luck growing your business this week

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