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Transformational Leadership

🤔 Which Transformational Leaders have impressed you most?

⚽ Back in 2010 I was lucky to spend the day with Arsène Wenger and his Arsenal F.C squad. It was fascinating to observe his training session and hear him talk about his philosophy.

⚽ I’m not an Arsenal supporter, but I am a fan of loyal and transformational leaders. 

In many ways he was a trailblazer in English football.

🎯 He is the longest-serving (22 years) and most successful manager in the club’s history.

🎯 He managed 828 premier leagues matches – 18 more than Sir Alex Ferguson.

🎯 He was the first overseas manager to win the English Premier league in 1997/8.

🎯 He is the most successful manager in FA Cup history – winning 7 FA Cups.

🎯 His team were the first to score a goal in every single premier league match in 2001/2.

🎯 His “Invincibles” are the only team to ever finish a 38 match season (2003/4) undefeated.

He also had an effective style of Leadership – both Empowering & Transformational.

🧠 He adopted a free thinking philosophy encouraging players to use their initiative on the ball.

🧠 He didn't berate players or lose trust in their abilities when mistakes were inevitably made.

🧠 His data-driven approach transformed game tactics, training and talent strategies.

🧠 He shifted his player’s dietary habits away from meat and sugar, to fish, vegetables & vitamins – the Japanese Way.

🧠 He believed in investing in young Talent & nurturing them, rather than buying in greatness - Cesc Fabregas joined as a 16 year old.

💯 That's a pretty impressive legacy.

Anyway I’m hoping the Kieran McKenna can lead Ipswich Town FC Town to a successful season back in the Premier League after two successive seasons of promotion.

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