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Rothamsted Research

🤔 What's the longest research you've ever done?

🌳 I’ve just spent the morning at a Herts Green and Grow workshop discussing sustainability issues, challenges and opportunities at the Rothamsted Research facility. Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

 🔬 What I didn’t realise is that the Rothamsted research facility started long-term field experiments back in 1843 which continue to reveal new insights and important findings of relevance to today’s agriculture and environment. 

🌍 The facility has the oldest, continuous agronomic experiments in the world, which have been running for over 180 years. We were fortunate to get a tour of the amazing “Sample Archive”, which includes soil, plant and seed samples going back to 1843. 

Thanks to all the speakers for sharing your insights on:

🎯 The Green Claims code David Hawes

🎯 An overview of Rothamsted Research Facility James Clarke

🎯 Communicating Sustainability Rondi Allan Nick Reilly

🎯 Measuring Social Value Chris Stevens MCIPS PIEMA

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