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🤯 I didn’t sign up for that!

🤔 How often do you find yourself working on a project and thinking exactly that.

🎯 Something didn’t happen the way you thought it should.

🎯 Someone didn’t do something you thought they should.

🎯 Simply speaking whatever you were working on just didn’t go to plan.

When this happens how do you react?

❓Do you over react and get angry?

❓Do you freeze and go into your shell?

❓Do you foresee them and stay in control?

❓Do you see an opportunity and pivot?

❓Do you enjoy the moment and find a way?

💯💯💯 The way you react and the choices you make can significantly impact your wellbeing and performance.

☔️ Earlier this morning it was belting it down.

🐶 Todd desperately needed a walk.

😰 I didn’t sign up for that!

😃 Actually I did and whilst I got soaked it was really enjoyable. 

🌎 Nobody was out so for 30mins I had the world to myself.

💡💡💡 If you genuinely want to better understand your stress reactions get in touch - I’m a qualified master practitioner in the energy leadership index assessment, which provides powerful insights to help people show up better.

🤩 Have a great weekend even if it’s raining

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