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Long Term Partnerships

🌐 What does a successful long term partnership look like?

🏉 O2 have been partnering with England Rugby for 27 years. Virgin Media O2 

👏 It’s the longest standing professional sports shirt sponsorship in the world. 

👏 They support every aspect of the game with an industry leading parity pledge, delivering equal funding to both England Rugby men's and women's teams.

🙏 I was fortunate to be involved in a number of wonderful rugby related events when I worked at O2 - our clients were able to experience some magic moments.

🖼️ This picture is from 2010 - what’s amazing is that a couple of the players - Danny Care & Daniel Cole are still playing and involved in today’s Six Nations Rugby game. 👏 🚀 🏉 And the current coach Steve Borthwick was captain.

There are a few former colleagues I recognise. 

What do you remember from this day?

Looking forward to some enjoyable games this weekend.

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