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Fight for your Life

In my latest "Breakthrough Moments" Podcast episode I talk to Darren Buttrick.

Darren is an experienced and successful Sales Leader in the Telco. & Tech industry currently working as a Sales Director for BT in the Midlands region.

Just over 3 years ago in early 2020 Darren was one of the first two thousand confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK.

On one of the darkest days of his life he was rushed to hospital, given 15 minutes to call his loved ones potentially for the last time, and told to "fight for his life".

After 10 days of being in an induced coma he became the first person in England to leave an ICU unit alive, giving hope to so many other patients at the time. He was also able to donate his blood plasma to help others recover and is now a volunteer with St. Johns Ambulance.

In late 2021 Darren was once again fighting for his life against Prostate Cancer for 12 months. Fortunately the treatment worked.

Following these experiences Darren wrote a book "Fifteen Minutes and Counting: Never Stop Fighting".

You can buy the book here on Amazon

All profits from the book go to the NHS.

Listen to Darren talk candidly about how the care and support from all the doctors and nurses coupled with his own resilience helped him survive.

Darren also shares his own personal insights about the power of resilience, support networks, trust and authenticity.

Please comment on, rate and share this Podcast if you took something positive from listening.

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