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Dragon's Apprentice

😃 Supporting Young Talent feels good!

🐲 Last night I attended the Connect Dacorum Dragon's Apprentice Challenge 2023/24 Awards Ceremony. Community Action Dacorum 

👏 It was fantastic to hear about all the amazing fund raising activities from all 10 teams of sixth formers involved. 

👏 This year all the teams raised over £14k for their charities and since the programme started 11 years ago all the pupils that have taken part have raised over £124k for good causes.

🚀 What a Brilliant effort - particularly when you consider all the students involved are in their final year of A levels and are preparing for important exams. 

🧠 As a result of all this effort they definitely learnt more about Teamwork, Leadership, Finances, Confidence and Learning to Fail - all of which will help them in their future careers.

👏 Well done to the team from The Hemel Hempstead School that I supported as a Business Dragon along with Robin Herzberg - the funds the team raised (nearly £1k) will go towards supporting The Dacorum Heritage Trust. This charity has an amazing array of Historical Artifacts from across the area that it plans to showcase more permanently to the public.

Well done to Cindy Withey for organising such a fantastic programme.

Thanks William Allen for sharing your insights as Mayor of Dacorum.

Fantastic effort from all the charities and dragons involved James Gentle 🔴🟡🟢🔵Liz Redway Sandra Wright asc

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