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Design Thinking for Sales

🤔 In which situations does "Design Thinking" add the most value for Sales?

When the:

🎯 Buyers are not fully aware of the problems they face or possible solutions.

🎯 Salespeople don't have access to the buyer, or in contrast, have very good access.

🎯 Customer need is complex, or has a strong human element.

🎯 Solution is complex, needs extensive configuration, or requires creativity to design.

💯 I've just completed the delivery of a 4 day Design Thinking programme for Ericsson and George Pastidis, Assoc CIPD, F.ISP on behalf of Imparta.

🙏 Thank you to everyone that attended and engaged so positively. 

🌎 A truly international sales group with representatives from #Guatamala #UK #Sweden #Germany #Poland #Spain #Morocco #China #India #Lebanon #Singapore #Australia #Bangladesh 

I'm so glad you found it useful - thanks for the feedback:

👏 "Selling is a science, a process and design thinking is a set of tools which are very effective in doing it properly with results"

👏 "Excellent training - loved your interactive style"

👏 "Thanks Mark, very well delivered and excellent training material - very useful material for now and future."

👏 "Lots of takeaways, look forward to using Design thinking with my customers. 3D advantage stands out as a key take away."

👏"I want to send my thanks to Mark, my team 2 and others for a very informative and WoW session."

👏 "the main take away for me is to spend more time to understand the problem"

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