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Mark Freer is an independent Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and Communications Expert who supports clients in developing their leadership capabilities, communication skills and team engagement leading to improved team performance, well-being and confidence.

He holds several certifications including:


  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC): Qualifies Mark to support clients raise their awareness and unlock their true potential, enabling remarkable growth. 

  • Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP): Allows Mark to provide scientifically validated assessments to help clients understand how their "Energetic Profile" and "Stress Reaction" impacts their performance.

  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDP): Enables Mark to develop client's leadership disciplines and style to optimise their impact.

  • Emergenetics™ Associate Practitioner: Empowers Mark to provide clients with assessments of their "Thinking & Behavioural" preferences and find techniques to improve their team engagement and communication.

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM): Qualifying Mark to improve client's communication skills, impact and personal brand.

With a distinguished 30-year career in the Telco. & Tech, industry Mark held key leadership positions at renowned companies like BT, 3, Hutchison Whampoa, O2 and Telefonica. Throughout his tenure, he spearheaded successful marketing, sales, product, strategy, partnership, culture and training teams, delivering transformative global initiatives.

In his free time, Mark cherishes moments of creativity by painting with his daughter, and he finds fulfilment in coaching his son's rugby team. He also enjoys learning about storytelling from his talented writer wife, which further enriches his coaching approach.

Partnerships & Associations

Emergenetics Certified Associate Certifcation
energy leadership index master practitioner ELI certifcation
cor.e dynamics leadership dynamics specialist CLDS certification
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing certification
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Mark Freer - executive coach & leadership consultant

solutions summary

Our Solutions support Leaders and Organisations build their leadership capabilities, communication skills and team engagement, often resulting in improved team performance, well-being and motivation.

We use scientifically validated "Energy Leadership" and "Psychometric tools" and techniques to support clients understand how they "show up", "engage" and "communicate", as well as develop "strategies" and "techniques" to improve their "impact".


🎯 Executive Coaching: empowering Leaders to increase their awareness, breakthrough blockers and drive positive progress through professional core energy coaching.

🎯 Leadership Training & Development: enabling organisations to build high performance teams and culture by creating and delivering tailored leadership programmes.

🎯 Communication, Business & Sales Skills: supporting individuals & organisations build their personal brand, communicate with impact and enhance their sales skills.

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Executive & Leadership coaching

✪ Leadership Coaching

✪ Executive Coaching

✪ Psychometric & Personality Profiling

✪ Energetic Profiling & Stress Reaction

✪ Strengths Profiling & Awareness  

✪ Business  & Career Mentoring

 ✪ Fitness, Health & Energy

Leadership development
& training

✪ Leading Self

✪ Leading Teams & Change

✪ Leading Organisations 

✪ High Performance Culture

✪ Employee Engagement

✪ Innovation & Creativity

✪ Team Building & Inclusivity

Communication, Business & Sales Skills

✪ Sales & Negotiation Skills

✪ Personal Branding

✪ Communicating with Impact

✪ Presentation Skills

✪ Design Thinking

✪ Social Media

✪ Interim Leadership

Poor MENTAL HEALTH costs UK employers up to £45 billion a year.

“For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover”

(Deloitte 2020)

Poor Leadership practices reduce

productivity by 10% and cost organisations as much as 7% of their annual turnover.

“High performing organisations are 500% more effective at leadership development than low performing organisations” 

(Institute of corporate productivity)

​Poor Communication costs businesses millions of dollars due to low productivity, conflict, and 33% of workers wanting to quit their jobs.

“Companies with leaders who possess effective communication skills produced a 47% higher return to shareholders over a five-year period” 

(Holmes Report. Dynamic Signal's 2018 state of Employee Communication and Engagement)    

Mental Health cost the the UK £45bn per year
What are you doing to support your teams mental wellbeing?

“What are you doing to support your TEAM's mental well-being?”

Poor Leadership reduces productivity by 10%
How well do you prepare your leaders?

“How well does your leadership development prepare your leaders in your organisation?“

Poor Communication results in 33% of workers wanting to quit
How well do you communicat?

“How well do your current leaders communicate & do they inspire their teams to perform better?”

The Inspiration behind Heads Up and Freer - Head Image

Living life with your head up freeing yourself to perform at your best.

Heads up

Your awareness of what’s around you (“Peripheral Vision”) has a unique circuit in the brain, which connects to emotions, movement control, and how you think, making you feel and perform better.

"To liberate someone or something".

The inspiration

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