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World of Learning

🤔 What have you learnt today that will help you move forward and be even more effective?

🎯 Here are 3 useful insights I picked up from today’s World of learning event in Olympia.

1️⃣ Creating High Impact digital learning 🧠 

- Use a ‘design thinking’ approach. 

- Really focus on the problem and root causes an organisation and end users experience. 

- Then you can get into the design and roll-out of the learning programme and measuring the impact.

👏Thanks Ross Garner for sharing Mind Tools approach

💯 This resonates with me as I use design thinking in a number of the tailored training programmes I run for clients.

2️⃣ Effective leadership training 👾 

- Explore different simulation, gamification and AI techniques. Game mechanics focuses on immersive, emotionally engaging and impactful experiences. 

- This approach can significantly increase the confidence and knowledge of your teams driving smart action.

👏Thank you Thomas Niven for sharing your insights from Attensi 

💯 Again I’m always curious abos and breakouts in the training I run to optimise the impact and experience.

3️⃣ Think like a magician 🪄

- use the power of magic and accessing its secrets is a powerful way of developing teams. 

- It can help build creativity, improve problem solving skills, enhance resilience and allow you to think better on your feet.

👏 Thank you Fergus Flanagan & Neb Maciver - really enjoyed your presentation.

💯 I love this because it provides a completely different perspective on people development - maybe there will be a few magic tricks in some of my future programmes. 

Adam Lacey let’s follow up on our chat - great to see Assemble You doing so well. 👏 

💡 If you are looking for a tailored leadership and team development programme or executive coaching in your business please message me and book a call to discuss what’s best for your business.

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