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How do you show up as a Leader?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

As a Leader are you aware of how you show up and the impact this has on yourself and those you engage with?

At the center of how you show up is your "Energy".

When you engage with people you can bring "Positive Energy" (anabolic) or "Negative Energy" (catabolic). Understanding the different levels of energy and how they impact both your own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions, as well as those you engage with, is critical.

Are you operating a low levels of energy where you might be feeling apathy or anger, or are you operating at higher levels of energy where you feel absolute passion and joy?

When you better understand both your energy levels and those of your teams it allows you to use techniques and tools that can help you positively manage and change your energy levels.

High Performing teams operate in higher states of energy more often, which allows them to synthesize and create.

Often when leaders or teams struggle to understand how they show up, what their levels of energy are and the impact this has, they can experience challenges in their organisations. Do any of these challenges resonate:

  • We are struggling with Creativity and Fresh Ideas.

  • We are struggling to get different functions to Engage positively and Collaborate.

  • We have limited training, development and coaching in place to help our teams grow.

  • Too many of our leaders and teams stay in their Comfort Zone too often.

  • We are struggling with a poor culture and poor employee engagement.

  • We are struggling to find new opportunities (clients, partners, and innovation).

For those clients that are ready to embrace change, get a different perspective and grow I provide Leadership Programmes that develop high performance teams and provide executive and leadership coaching. Of course understanding your energy levels can be incorporated into these solutions.

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